Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop


Welcome, Several years ago Kyle Tyler and I started talking about his idea to facilitate a seminar or workshop to promote continual learning about avalanches.  He and I have been participating in the International Snow Science Workshop around North America for almost 20 years and have substantially enjoyed its feel and philosophy.  ISSW’s mantra, “The Merging of Theory with Practice”, looks to tap all minds for their snow related knowledge.  From the Physics Nobel Laureate to the eighth grader with a new idea on snow transport, all are welcome. 

As world-renowned chemist Raould Hoffmann once stated

The vast majority of great things come not in one flash of progress, but the accumulation of small things”. 

That was the concept that ISSW started and many other smaller regional workshops continue every year.  That is, to build on past concepts and stimulate new ideas to further our understanding of avalanches.  We will always have lots to learn about snow, avalanches, and the natural world so we should never feel done, finished, or static about our need for higher education.  There are no experts, we are all students.

See you at ESAW!


Christopher Joosen, USFS Lead Snow Ranger-Mount Washington Avalanche Center