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Three years ago the White Mountain Avalanche Education Fund was established by the White Mountain National Forest’s Mount Washington Avalanche Center to educate kids in the Northeast about avalanches.  (See the link below for a full description.)  In this vein we are giving 15 scholarships to High School aged kids to this year’s Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop (ESAW) on November 9th.  We are focusing the awards towards students in the general White Mountain Region.  In particular, students of yours who have aspirations to take their sport into avalanche terrain in the upcoming years.  It is proven that getting to kids young prevents avalanche accidents in the future.


The Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop was started not to be an avalanche class, but a higher level one day symposium that encompasses new science, useful practical skills for the field, and interesting presentations about avalanche problems around eastern North America.  High school students will not be bored, but a motivated individual eager to learn is the best candidate.  Last year we had a great contingent of students mostly from Gould Academy.  Based on response from the different schools we would like to spread out the opportunities across the region.


Please let me know if your school is interested in participating and how many scholarships you have interest in.  You know your students, their history, their motivations and desires best so we are leaving the selections for scholarship slots to your school and staff.  Once you let me know how many slots you are interested in I will respond with how many are available for you.  To help perk their interests we will have some gear give-aways through the day and a number of commercial vendor booths in the evening.  See the general ESAW announcement below, our website and the avalanche fund specifics at


I look forward to meeting your kids!


Christopher  Joosen